I have a 17″ Powerbook running Apple has been of no help. Thanx to Terminus for this hack. Posted on Sep 27, 1: All replies Drop Down menu. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. The optical drive should not accept a firmware corresponding the wrong drive model, but for a given model the various revisions may have slight differences, perhaps because of different physical constraints on the hardware – so try to pick the appropriate revision.

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MatSHITa was a lemon. If you are experiencing issues similar to the ones described above, consider adding your experiences to the ongoing forum thread linked at the start of this article or contacting Apple either onlineor by working with an Apple Genius at a retail store to voice your concerns.

I bought my Macbook because I was impressed with its workmanship and dependability. To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. The Costs and ease of repair out way the few niceities that the Mac provides. The optical drive it will not mount DVD data disks. Thanks to ala42 for authorisation of mirroring his work. Thanks for your great summary of that apple thread.


And here follow the main instructions. I have a feeling this problem was known very early and sort of swept under the table. Or it might be a single problem with a variety of triggers, leading to variable symptoms and start dates.

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Should have been a recall of these drives if there are so many failed ones. Now, its not a ‘good’ solution, but its handy when you are short of time You can add your suggestions to the right.

Apply the patch, and before rebooting your Mac, modify this file again to come back to initial values. For detailed information about this update, please visit this website: Months ago the Superdrive in my 24″ white Intel iMac late died.

I live in NC and there are only a handful of Apple stores in matsuita State.

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After suffering a remote install of Two pieces of information: I have lost both Superdrive and external lacie DL burning. I used some SuperDrives often, and some only for System Updates, but they all fail after roughly 18 months. I know they worked a year ago. Sep 30, 4: Typical Terminal window after dropping the firmware. I’ve been watching it for a long time and this article really demonstrates the author spent some time to review the situation before writing the article.


Posted on Sep 27, 1: Causes Offered — Given these symptoms, users have been putting their heads together, talking with Apple Geniuses, and consulting with other knowledgeable techies to arrive at some possible causes.

I too bought an external drive so that I can continue using my Imac. Currently I don’t need to use CDs much, but it’s annoying that the problem has never really been diagnosed. Merged Content 1 Merged Content 1.

Exploring Widespread SuperDrive Problems

Below is a list of fixes suggested by forum users, all of which offer unpredictable degrees of success or failure. Some find the issue is intermittent, while others find it constant.

Finished logout [Process completed]RPC1 is back update august 19th It reads all the games,movies, music, cds, dvds. Some of the other connectors are getting weird.