Enabled use hardware rotation Option “VSync” ” boolean ” This option controls the use of commands to synchronise rendering with the vertical refresh of the display. The driver attempts to allocate space for at 3 screenfuls of pixmaps plus an HD-sized XV video. They also told me to make a bug report of this. If it helps at all my system specs are: The driver supports depths 8, 15, 16 and Please reopen if necessary. Posted on June 12, by ruchi 7 Comments.

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You sir, are a goddamn legend. Note that different pipes may be limited in their functionality and some outputs may only work with different pipes.

I uuntu if it reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so. The icons look more like the ddx bug: Created attachment X log. And we have tests in i-g-t that can easily reproduce it.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

TV Integrated TV output. Full aspect Scale the image as much as possible while preserving aspect ratio. Added suspected upstream bug number. I have uploaded a shot of the desktop with damages.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

These outputs cannot be assigned to the regular displays attached to the GPU, but do otherwise act as any other xrandr output and share a portion of the regular framebuffer. I disabled DebugWait again ubunty course.


Patch applies on top of latest drm-intel-nightly. This bug affects 2 people. Disabling swap, replace with more ram. Anyway, for semi-old Intel graphics UXA acceleration often does the trick. For more on BIOS updates and linux, please see https: This is usually achieved with an “agpgart” or “agp” kernel driver. Option “PageFlip” ” boolean ” This option controls the use of commands to flip the scanout address on a VBlank.

From the chat they told me i should downgrade to Ubuntu 12 which i did but i really want to use Ubuntu Once you have deb packageto install double click on it after installation run the following command from your terminal. Created attachment Output of xrandr –verbose.

You can use the xrandr tool to control outputs on the command line as follows: CRTC can be manually assigned to individual heads by preceding the output names with a comma delimited list of pipe numbers followed by a colon.

The icons blacken only after swapping. Checking if Intel graphics card available… OK Retrieving information from In some cases, this property may be unavailable for example if your platform uses an external microcontroller to control the backlight.


Bug # “Intel q35 bug on Ubuntu (Screen Artifacts)” : Bugs : xorg package : Ubuntu

While most XV-using applications have options to select infel XV adaptor to use, this option can be used to place the overlay first for applications which don’t have options for selecting adaptors.

This is the output of the command: The following driver Options are supported for the M and later chipsets: That should make this work.

See the output of xrandr –prop for a list of currently available scaling modes. That is only one frame is ever visible, preventing an unsightly tear between two visible and differing frames. Sometimes the manufacturer supplied EDID is corrupt or lacking a few usable modes and supplying a ubuuntu EDID may be easier than specifying every modeline. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. The information about this bug in Ubutnu is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.