Dell TrueMobile Series. The m0n0wall Documentation Project does not endorse any vendors you may find through froogle. Only one virtual interface may be configured at a time. The following such adapters are supported or expected to work: They will be supported when m0n0wall is on a newer version of FreeBSD. Cisco Systems Aironet – no hostap.

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Hermes 2 and Hermes 3 chips are not supported by this driver.

Dell TrueMobile Series – no hostap. Want to link to this manual page?

The searches provided may also bring up unrelated hardware in addition to the compatible hardware. These require drivers that are only found in FreeBSD 5. Please report any findings to the contrary to Chris Buechler. To determine if they do, search Google for the card name and FreeBSD, to determine which driver the card uses. Cisco Systems Aironet – no hostap.

Cards in this leecom of adapter should only be removed when the machine is powered down. Only one virtual interface may be configured at a time.


This man page comes from OpenBSD. Note Some of the following do not support hostap.

Unfortunately the driver does [email protected]/ld-wp11/pcc support downloading new firmware to the card so if new firmware is needed users will have to boot a different system to accomplish this. Some of the following do not support hostap. K1, L1, M, and P revisions not supported. We simply link there for your convenience. US Robotics Wireless Card Lucent cards prior to firmware version 6.

All chipsets provide a similar interface to the driver.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Some users of Prism-II and 2. This can also be an indication of an incorrectly configured interrupt. Intersil Prism cards must have firmware versions 0. Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo.

Search: elecom [email protected]/ld-wl11/pcc Logo Vectors Free Download

HCF Light programming specificationhttp: Older versions of the firmware that are supported may severely limit the abil- ity to use e,ecom cards in newer networks. The following cards are among those supported by the wi driver: Not all wireless cards support hostap mode! Only relatively recent ver- sions of Intersil firmware supports WPA. That support has been removed due to persistent problems with this firmware as well as getting proper documentation on this firmware.


Cards that use drivers other than wi do not support hostap. Only the Intersil chipsets support access elecon operation or WPA. Older versions of the Prism station firmware have a number of issues with hostap mode.

Very old versions of firmware are not supported at all. Dell TrueMobile Series. For more information on [email protected]/ld-wl11/pcc this device, see ifconfig 8. Prior versions of wi supported Symbol firmware.