GPS Archives — Link. Earthmate II Pin Outs. The 24LC can be read with a clock frequency of kHz and has a 5 ms write speed. Oh, how fast does the gps unit update? As you can see from the image, I have now made several with a variety of power connectors to meet specific needs. Or can it be placed with no view of the sky?

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Very cool project…Thinking of making robotic submarine with some sort of gps built in. Delorme has imho pretty much lost it’s edge as a gpr receiver provider as there are a wealth of NMEA compatible receivers now available but the others all have the limit of providing only a single communication option, so, you have a purchase decision choose between Serial, USB or BlueTooth where the now discontinued Earthmate II provides the potential for all three.

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DeLorme Tripmate GPS | Brandon’s Notepad

To switch the Tripmate from it’s internal batteries to an external power supply, all that is necessary is to disconnect the internal battery cable and use a short standard jumper block and bridge the two pins in the battery connector that are closest to the center of the unit.

With time you could go back and calculate velocities. So what does all this mean to you? You might also like these newsletters: Please check your email to confirm. It has been sitting in the back of my car for the past four years, so I finally decided to put it to good use.


This is a sample of the command. This is very convenient because I can recharge 4 AA batteries for the Tripmate and 4 for the logger circuit and so far I have found triomate they last quite a while.

Right now it is configured in such a manner that it will only log the GPRMC sentence, but it can easily be modified. More information about the self-start modification can be found on these websites:.

The Delorme Tripmate Self-Start Modification

You can find it on this website: This is for a radio club transmitter hunting competition where competitors have to Direction Find DF the transmitter in the shortest time and distance. The only reason I did not tripmaet them was because the original intention of tripmatd project was just to record run routes, which did not require time or speed info. The picture above shows one of my Tripmates mounted to a flat piece of aluminum which is attached to the stoplight on the top of the cab of my trusty Ranger pickup truck.

Code to log position with time stamp once every 1 minutes is sufficient for this. Many modern GPS also allow you to boost the sensitivity by using an external antenna. The rest of the housing can then be tripmste and the two plastic pin holder halves separated enough to fill with a bit of glue and rejoined.

DeLorme Tripmate GPS Receiver

It is designed to be used with a laptop computer and the only way to turn it on is with a special command from the computer. I know it was nearly a year ago you asked this question. The job of the microchip will now be to parse this data, discard any irrelevant information, and store the variables of dellrme Latitude and Longitude.


The following pinout information took over a year to uncover Find Your Longitude and Latitude here. Notice the locking tabs and the sequence of the wires. Read on to find out more information about the project, tripkate the schematic and soure code I wrote, and find out how the data was visualized.

The electronic half has a weatherproof seal that allows you to completely remove the battery half and with two ? Hi, how about a slide modification: More information about the self-start modification can be found on these websites:. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

PIC16F88 Delorme Tripmate GPS Logger

Since the Tripmate itself puts out the “ASTRAL” string repeatedly when it is inactive, another solution has been to rewire the serial connector so that this string is routed back to the receiver to delormw it up. You are more than welcome to substitute any suitable RS level converter; however, the MAX is nice because it has internal capacitors. It has been sitting in the back of my car for the past four years, so I finally decided to put it to good use.