Hi there I have a Rav4 and as Samsung A7. However I even gave permission for reading contact in bluetooth setting but it won’t work. So, the problem is usually remedies when he resets his phone, which is also a Bluetooth device. Please mention the SKU and Firmware version. Please fix this issue as the phone is unusable in a car as it is now.

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I have pm you, please kindly check it. Fast reply Top Return to aasus. Points policy of this forum Post reply Last page. Bouetooth Asus zekl can’t even pair with the built-in bluetooth of my new car Think of your car as moving metal can that reflects wireless signal inside almost all the time.

With my laptop too. It would be nice to know why that happens. Thank you for your reply but I even try safe mode but the problem still exists and also enable the music app in auto start manager but won’t work. Here is the pairing instructions for the car. The van connects to the phone and I hear a beep on the van speakers.


I have tried to connect with my laptop bluetooth it get connected without any problem and can be able to play dsrbetween remotely but the problem still persist with my car bluetooth. Does anyone else experience this behavior?

Points policy of this forum Post reply Last page. New products should work perfectly, but Bluetooth is backwards compatible, so old ones should stand the test of time as well.

Trouble Connecting to car bluetooth-ZEML(ZenFone2)

Update the firmware on your phone. Reply Post new threads Rate Like Favorites. ZenFone2 Bug Report Model: My other phones work perfectly fine.

Bluetooth signals of recent devices are considered relatively weak to cause significant interference. In addition to walls, wiring, and even your own body, signals sent from cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers can also mess with your Bluetooth reception. Phone updates should not break stuff.

I think that problem is bluefooth the permission problem because for android 6. After update to Android 6, the bluetooth connect and disconnect after few seconds.

Posts ZenCredit Points best answer 1. I can pair the car to my 2 years old Panasonic CM1 no problem so should not be a problem with the car.


Posts 2 ZenCredit 4 Points 25 best answer 0. Tried turning all volumes to the max but no dice.

Solutions for issues between your car Bluetooth system and Android device

Anyone is having the same problem? Is there any way to fix it? Car just wont find it. Now when I ask for a name to be called the phone replies that the car must be running. But still interference can sometimes happen.

Solutions for issues between your car Bluetooth system and Android device

I can manually switch the phone back to Bluetooth from the phone app while the phone call is connected but that is not Hands Free calling and its about what I would have expected five years ago.

Zenfone 3 Bluetooth 4.

How do I change the default code since it is randomly generated by the car every time I try to pair? So the next time your wireless gear gets wonky, try one of these troubleshooting suggestions.