This check is not done in Distiller. Additionally, this feature prevents Illustrator from substituting Courier for missing fonts. Locate the watched folder that you created. These smooth shading blends looks “banded” in Acrobat, but that is only a visual effect of the CMYK to RGB transformation and a visual effect related to rendering slightly different colors butted together. Output All Blacks Accurately. Click the Add Folder button.

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See File Naming Best Practices.

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This feature was added to FrameMaker with the expectation that the PDF would only be viewed on the computer monitor and not printed. Why trust your next release to anyone disyiller This check is not done in Distiller.

The supported software is: Note that this is contrary to the FreeHand documentation, which states that gradients with spot colors will be converted to process color. These idioms currently target FreeHand 7 and 8. FrameMaker sets the CropBox to be the trim box. Modifying your InDesign preferences will fix these problems.

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We offer an extensive North American reach combined with a local touch and attention to each and every customer. Click OK on the Print Presets window. In this example the trim size is 8. The final PDF will then be produced and saved to the Out folder.


Click on the Load Settings button. This is checked by default and unchecking is optional but we recommend that you do so. The maximum resolution that still requires flatness control is dpi.

This module detects and converts back to RGB for: The names of the features appear in the Acrobat Distiller startup messages box. This feature has the following limitations: Download unzip after downloading Prinergy Refiner.

Quark converts “multi-ink” colorants to process colors when a “multi-ink” colorant is used as an endpoint in a blend. Fifty years ago, we were printing LP album jackets. This feature provides a PostScript Level 3 idiom to correct this behavior.

The desktop is common location for a watched folder. It applies only to objects created with the gradient tool. This feature adds idioms to replace the Illustrator logic.

Many legacy files still contain high flatness values, but newer RIPs and the Distiller can cope without raising the flatness value. This feature installs idioms to replace the crop mark painting procedure from Adobe PageMaker 6.


Upload and access your project files with ease using LSC Communications’ pre-press portal. Output All Blacks Accurately.

Setting up Kodak Distiller Assistant – Prinergy – Kodak Workflow Documentation

InDesign Extra Color Fix v1. If you have any questions please contact your Technical Service Representative.

Please Enter Your Email address. The result is packaging with eye-popping shelf appeal that commands consumer attention. Create ristiller folder in a location that will be easy to locate and will not get accidentally discarded.

The setup is now complete. Turn Overprint Preview on – Dlstiller on Overprint Preview will allow InDesign to properly display transparency overprinting and knockout elements accurately.