My accuracy was nowhere to be found and the overall performance was lacking. Do like the open face, but there are much better options out there in my opinion. Jared M is right on. I know I’m going to get critical remarks from other members for bashing a Fuji shaft over my cheap SK shaft but that’s how I feel. I can pound this thing.

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Posted 29 July – If items are extremely old or damaged, they are also not assigned a market value. The sound at impact is more muted than the XL which is in itself not a bad thing but I’m still getting used to it Pricing is updated regularly to ensure that you are receiving the highest trade-in value for your used clubs. Launch angle was around 14 degrees. Like the original HiBORE, the XL features a precision cast aerospace-grade ultra-thin titanium alloy body with a high-grade SP face titanium and follows the same general design, though the XL has a deeper face, which should allow you to tee the ball higher.

Full 1 year guarantee on all our second hand golf clubs. Also thought the 8. My question is which do your recommend, std or tour for a 65 year old with a 19 handicap, The store where I was at did not have any clubs with red shaft. Only time will tell. Post your results when you get the club…….


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Overall, it has a longer roll and bounce after it lands but the overall distance came up always shorter by 5 to 10 yards.

All my clubs are Titleist and I am a bit more traditional in terms of having a matching set from the driver down to the putter.

Cleveland HiBore XL Degree Driver Stiff Flex Graphite | eBay

I went to the driving range Saturday. I am a simple-minded golfer with a 5.

I bought my HiBore off the internet without trying it out, initially I went to the Driving Range to try it out. Cleveland HiBore XL, 9. And very hard to hit sideways.

Cleveland Hibore XL 9. For others it may be considered a bit of a hook stick. Please provide us the information below to help expedite your quote: I am interested in why you went for the whiteboard over the blueboard? First of all I am easily put off when things aren’t right but looking down at the club the cc head does not look overl large with the dip in the back of the head. Must have been having an ordinary day, as the FT3 was definitely shorter and more prone to reacting to a bad swing, with a fade and some snap hooks.


As advertised, the Tour Trajectory shafts came through with a more penetrating ball flight than I am used to, which is definitely a good thing. My swing speed is 90 mph. Hit one, then some more thinking it was pretty good. It also produces good distance and a hibors trajectory, however even with the stiff red shaft the ball flies very high.

This toir is fantastic. Boy was I impressed but he advised me to wait for the hibore xl.

Cleveland HiBore XL Tour 9.5 Degree Driver Stiff Flex Graphite 279979 Golf

I hit in the high 80s mostly and i drive around with a very mediocre driver. I have a 6 clevelanx and decent swing speed but I have had trouble finding a 45 inch shaft with the right combination of torque and stiffness.

I opted for the lower loft to get similar results to the Launcher.