I soon discovered that audio on the cheap company Behringer had a product in the same vein. The manual is unfortunately not that detailed, but you can find help online if you need it. All buttons are hard plastic. The BCF’s eight endless rotary encoders each sporting a element LED indicator are fitted with a push-to-set function that lets you select and tweak an array of functions. Get handy With its uber-precise mm motorized faders, the Behringer B-Control Fader BCF gives you the ability to make coordinated, simultaneous fader moves that simply can’t be performed with a mouse no matter how dextrous you are.

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No Longer Available Update B-cotrol close. It is very easy to install, simply connect with MIDI, set your program to recognize it, and it works very well. For the price, you absolutely can’t get a product like this cheaper, so it’s a great value.

In terms of sensitivity, it has worked totally fine. It still gets the work done so I guess they had to skimp somehow to get the price down that low.

The manual is unfortunately not that detailed, but you can find help online if you need it. And alot of free and paid apps exist to control MIDI behringeg.

B-CONTROL FADER BCF – Behringer B-Control Fader BCF – Audiofanzine

There is a limited amount of visual feedback in terms of display on this controller, but that is part of what you lose with the hugely lower cost of this when compared to the Mackie or Tascam controllers. Overall, great product for the price. Once it was set up it was fine though. Also this was an absolute pain to get working with Pro Tools. I found the faders to be noisy and gittery and most annoying was the lack of touch response found on many of the higher end controllers. The size of vcf2000 controller is good.


After doing some research this control surface got pretty good reviews.

Any how if your DAW supports it, you just can plug and play without emulation mode. You can connect more than one of these if you want more channels. I use the BCF for a ‘tactile’ control surface when I do location multitrack recording. Very good motorised faders. And the knobs have led indicators that reflect the value in your software or vst. Once set up it will take some time to learn since functions aren’t listed on the controller, but once you learn them this can speed up your work flow.

Then when it plays back, the faders will automatically move.

Behringer BCF2000 B-Control USB Midi controller with Motorized Faders

Like any Behringer product, it works well, but is likely to be fragile, so take care of beringer. Despite the buttons being loud and clicky, loud motorized faders, no led screen showing tracks, and no button layout on the control surface, I still have to give this product a perfect 5. Close Move all to Cart. Overview – quick selection.


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It has 2 buttons per channel along wit a endless rotary knobs. One of the caps on my faders has already come loose, and while some superglue fixed it that should tell you something about the craftsmanship.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Software-based music production has done away with the bulk and nuisance of stacks of hardware, but if you’re like most modern musicians, you wouldn’t mind having tactile, real-time control, right?

There is also a afder pot for every fader, so you can assign that to control panning or other things in your DAW as well. If your recording someone not in the same room with you than you faader be ok. There’s marketing guy at behringer who understood.

The motorized faders ARE loud, as noted in the reviews I read beforehand, but I’m usually knee deep in a set of cans when I’m using them, and the only times they cause major noise issues is switching between presets, or your large groups of channels i.

One thing I don’t like is that since it’s cheaper components, it’s a bit less durable.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who could benefit from motorized faders. There are also other handy functions.