Clicks from touchscreens are now passed properly to the Flash movie. Authorware creates the hyperlink as Jump to Page. Now they are evaluated appropriately. Only the current modal command can issue requests, including the request to release the target from the modal state. Beep Beep [system sound or frequency], [duration] The Beep function has been improved in Authorware 6. ItemHeight sets the height, in pixels, of an image item in a list box. However, there are still many Fortune companies that use Authorware as their main platform [ citation needed ].

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TUTOR programmers were able to build powerful scripted systems that included simulations and games.

Adobe Authorware

When the MouseButton property is set extednal Left, the menu appears at the bottom of the specified rectangle. Used with response icons those attached to Interaction icons. This has been corrected. Keypress For keypress responses, you may also now use an expression.

To switch the command back to a modal state, you use the following call: If ButtonBitmap were set to anything other than “OK” for example: PLATO courseware was developed in a unique programming language called TUTORwhich provided structures unique to learning interactions, such as answer judging and branching.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. If the specified icon is not a calculation icon, Authorware ignores the assignment.

For example, FF is red and FF is blue. Authorware inserts the code snippet into the calculation at the position of the caret. Used with time limit response icons.

You can now drag a framework page authorwaree a navigate icon to set the hyperlink to that framework page. It can be called from the flowline, from a command, or from a Knowledge Object authroware. Get started or learn new ways to work. A script function can be any standard Authorware script and can have arguments passed to it. When called from a command, the OpenIcon function sets the command to non-modal mode before opening a dialog.

External Movie Driver Error – Adobe: Authorware Attain – Tek-Tips

To make the text bold: Intuitively-named dialog boxes take care of input and output. The fourth item, whose icon title is Today’s Date, uses an expression in the Menu Item text box: For example, the frame rate of some media formats is determined by conditions at playback time such as bandwidthso there is no way to determine the frame rate for those files until after they have played.


Each script function resides in its own calculation icon. The pipeline character ” ” determines where the caret appears.

To indicate which calculation icon is to be used upon exiting, set the new system variable ExitIcon. This property returns one of the following values, indicating the navigate icon’s setting: New command and Knowledge Object functions In Authorware 6. CallScriptFile See External script functions. If you hold down the Control key, the dragged icon becomes the first icon inside the map, framework, or Knowledge Object icon.

Adobe Authorware – Wikipedia

Max and Min properties returned an incorrect value in certain circumstances. This property contains the number of times the movie is set to repeat.

It returns the number of the button the user selects in the dialog. Either condition now sets the file as changed. When specifying two parameters, the first sets the frequency of the sound in hertz. Post questions and get answers from experts.