The Gmini features a built-in microphone and a line-in jack, and can record audio straight to MP3 format kbs from microphone, kbs from line-in jack. Obviously if Apple popped a color LCD screen into the current iPod there wouldn’t be much competition in the aesthetics department, but we’ve definitely seen worse portable audio and video players. One of the best features is that any XP PC will recognize this as an external HD, so you dont need fancy software to run it, and you can share data with your mates. When viewing photographs, you can zoom in on an image and pan around. The Gmini is a series of portable audio and video players released by Archos in and You just drag and drop to it, create folders, delete songs or folders, or any other filing task, and then when you unplug the USB cable the internal library is automatically updated.

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Gear Eye: The Archos Gmini 400

The screen automatically switches off when you’re listening to music, so assuming you don’t need to sneak a peek at your display that often you should be able to get about ten hours of audio playing time out of it. Finally, its battery life is excellant. The other niceties are a Compact Flash memory card slot for uploading photos from a digital camera transferring photos over from a Compact Flash card was arvhos snap and viewing them was pretty easy, too, but you’ll have gmlni get an adapter if your camera uses another kind of memory carda built-in digital audio recorder, and a video-out port for watching your videos on a proper television there is no video-in recording capability like on the AV In addition to these other features, the Archos Gmini contained a CompactFlash reader enabling the user to slot in a memory cardincreasing the unit’s capacity, play files stored within the card, and arvhos files from the 040 to the unit.


Another area that this player raises the bar is audio quality. Show more Show less. You can display one picture or four or nine thumbnails for easy navigation. Over the couple of weeks we have had this, the amount of life we’ve been able to get out of the battery has varied with video.

You wouldn’t exactly want to have two 40 three people trying to crowd around watching, but it works. The three buttons under the screen are “soft” buttons, used by some of the applications and in some menus.

I had one repaired by the France office, and it was returned to me less than 3 weeks later in Australia. Even though the speaker may not be the best quality, there is also functionality to be able to connect the device up to an existing external Hi-Fi system and listen outward that way.

Archos Gmini 400 Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

But the one thing thing you will love is how easy it is to get your files on here. Just after the release of the AV, the Archos Gmini was born. If you want more than music from your portable player, give it a look. Online account service Kashoo’s strengths are income- and expense-management, usability, and support.

Dell Inspiron 13 The Inspiron 13 2-in-1, a redesign of Dell’s midrange convertible laptop, It has a 20GB hard disk, play video, mp3, and pictures. Audio performance from the Gmini was very good, with a slight, gradual dropoff of frequencies above 15 kHz and minimal harmonic distortion. Gjini may also like.

Archhos, this player does not require the use of a “music management” software package like Itunes or Windows Media Player. The model also supports gapless playback.

Archos Gmini – Review – PCMag UK

The model gnini supports Windows Media PlaysForSure standards, so purchased music can be synchronized with the player. The sound quality is good, and the biggest advantage it has over most everything else out there is the sheer quality of the its display, which is not only a higher resolution than that of the iPod x pixel 400.


Colors are bright and saturated, and sharpness is very good within the limits of the by pixel screen. Navigation is not as slick as the Ipod, but it works well enough after a bit of use.

The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing In six months or a year there might be a few more xrchos, but if you’re looking for a truly gmihi way to carry a hundred hours of video, gmink is the best way to do it and right now that happens to be exactly what I’m looking for. The Gmini is fully USB 2. But look if I buy a plain 20Gb or more Hard disk to keep my files in it I can,t see the files when I’m off the computer.

Views Read Edit View history. The Gmini is smaller than you’d think; it’s actually almost exactly the same size and shape as the Treo if they could somehow squeeze a 20GB drive into the next Treo I’d probably toss the Gmini right out the windowand it’s weight and size are very competitive with the iPod.

Gmihi PlaysForSure compatibility, the owners of this model can download purchased, protected music, in WMA format, and play them back on the device. High-quality playback of videos, music, photos, and games. Its capacity is 20 GB. The optional wired remote adds FM tuner capability and the control has well laid out functions and a display.