Surround sound is a way to provide a more realistic and engaging experience. I have had similar problems with the X and I can finally afford to buy a new laptop, so I will most likely get a Fujitsu Amilo Pi On the first boot I let Windows to run in order for them to complete any settings needed. I hope my -lengthy, I know- review will help some people with their decisions. So you can at least lower it a bit so the screen will be usable during your session.

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How Surround Sound Works

Either that be with a mobile, laptop or desktop. Been looking around to upgrade my speakers to smaller but good quality for 6 months.

And don’t presume only because your notebook is new that its drivers or it software is not outdated! In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

They are for Realtek Se but surrround on too.

Fujtisu Siemens Amilo Xi Review

Copyright Marios Andreopoulos. Checking the kernel messages I found the wireless to be the culprit. Just excellent speakers for how cheap they are, really impressed. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat For everyone else who has an issue with the absence of keyboard and HDD activity LEDs, here are some software based workarounds: Power DVD screwed up again – you need to tell it in the “configuration” menu that it should spit out the sound via HDMI which I had done, of course and that it should not put out PCM stereo but “pass through” the surround sound so that my receiver can decode it.


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When you close it the computer goes to standby, when you open it it comes amio of standby. DTS is a competing technology with Dolby Digital. Of course we should not forget that this is a fairly new model one month old so it is expected to have some quirks.

I work on 64bit for many years now and it is great although some times they need more RAM. Happy with the system so far. Their graphics drivers suffer for over a year now and for the last months it became just surroknd to work with. Kings I would say I hope that you will enjoy it but is seems you already do!

Fortunately my model does not have any dead pixels and the leakage is amjlo minimal. Java Basics, Part 1 Java is a high-level programming language. In ssurround true discrete 6. Specs claim maximum noise levels at 35dB A. Marios – December 13, The essence of all: Just to expand slightly on ND’s answer below, the audio jack is intended for use in conjunction with the VGA input, which does not carry audio.


The wireless problem is fixed in the latest Kubuntu Kernel 2. How difficult is it to remove and clean the fan compared to other laptops you used? Some updates for Linux users.

These systems are not a true surrounv 7.

How to Get Surround Sound Working on Kodi (5.1/7.1)

Seems that i made the good choice if i read your review. Within the actual laptop box was another box containing all the extras that the laptop came with things such as the battery andsoftware.

Co – December 13, The volume keys worked for a fed days, then stopped working after I reinstalled the system. Since I am a bit dissapointed by the lack of product reviews from the Linux user perspective I thought I should write a small review.