Happy to help if you need more information. The readme only states “Customizations” as changes. Was your memory all 1. You don’t need to update your BIOS, you can leave it as is. No, updating the BIOS will be sufficient.

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But lately stops at code 9.

Abit iP35 Pro – Switching to AHCI from IDE in Win XP x64

I’ve read that 4 sticks during OS install could cause problems, but don’t know if this is right or not. Your name or email address: On my new win7x64 install both my esata harddrives were working, after I downloaded the latest intel chipsets only one was working. Ok, let me see if I got ahcci right: Any other settings I should change prior to installing Win7?

No, you didn’t miss anything. I will get a small pack of BIOS up soon for you guys.

How to enable AHCI (Onboard Intel Ports) on my IPPro? | Overclockers UK Forums

The fan speed sound is driving me nuts. So now I’m back to XP x I don’t know how OC really works but maybe anyone ip3 give me notes or screenshots of your BIOS that I can maybe copy to mine here’s where I’m at for now http: Are those the stock 17 BIOS?


My Q is still going strong at 3. Sorry, I’ve never done any overclocking with this board and haven’t really overclocked anything since I am not using AHCI.

The readme only states “Customizations” as changes. At stock speed they run 1.

I just want to make sure system is stable, as I plan to upgrade to a k and Win7 system shortly, and keep this system for off line work, and backup. Why not just turn AHCI off? Core temperature is top at 81C on air. I was hoping someone could help me out. Here’s a list of the latest drivers i;35 seems that the first post doesn’t get updated anymore: I hope someone finds this information useful in the future.

Flash at your own risk. When Blue Screens started, I stopped rpo overclocking and have everything set defaults, with no effect on the occurrences of Blue Screens. After 4 attemps, for the hell of it I tried booting from my floppy, after changing the first boot devise and it worked.


But the second PCIe16 slot is to slow x4. Gonna do it myself this time.

Abit iP35 Pro – Switching to AHCI from IDE in Win XP x64 | [H]ard|Forum

Your name or email address: PCIeClk could stay at I saved the changes and tried to boot form the disk. Now if only we could update the first post Anyone know about this problem and what needs to be done? That’s documented on the Intel web site.

Also, any additional advice or tips would be appreciated. The other settings are DDR2 2.