You’re in control Pick a loan that fits your budget. Results 1 to 25 of I mean the multi is unlocked, so I should have no trouble reaching like 5GHz on water, right? The Test Set Up The test set up is as follows: I am thinking something like E or a QX Still expensive but is it worth it to buy a QX for this board?

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DFI Lanparty UT PT2RS Banter starts here!!! – Page 10

I wanna see some more results out of this board. Any word on the PT3RS or the dark version? Did you get your’s from Germany C-N? Please test lnparty 1M with oldest bios. Originally Posted by pp45-t2rs. My CPU likes 0. On further inspection, there is a tiny lqnparty on the chip and a small notch of plastic cut out from the lower left hand side of the chip holder and if you match those up, you will be fine. What is your recommandations C-N? Please note that we do not reserve ordered quantity until payment is fully processed for an order, therefore we cannot guarantee final allocation of ordered quantity if there is a delay in payment processing, due to high risk that the product may become unavailable at that time.



I’m still not fully comfortable with my quad oc atm still learning fast but thought I would post up where I’m at right now just to show you quads do work on this board.

Simply install the software, reboot the computer, press to improve FSB frequency, and your CPU will be upgraded automatically! I figured I might loose less money on lanpadty the QX than a new E, just hope it performs.

The time now is Our site will include news, reviews, guides and lots of interesting information. Excellent efficiency is the basis for [UT] products, which is named as Ultra Tweak; the comprehensive over-clock design, top materials, and fine work are where the UT spirit is.

C-N, can you see if setting pcie frequency to or mhz works on this board? Results to of Product availability information provided on our website is accurate up to one day and in most cases is sufficient to determine actual product availability. Quick and easy Checkout is simple at any store that accepts Affirm.

If you did what sort of time did you have to wait for delivery?

Originally Posted by prostoman. The entire board is decked out with high quality Japanese, solid capacitors and the PCB actually looks more black than previous models. Originally Posted by eva I got worker number 4 error with prime95 when my cpu vtt 1.


Problem is, E would still cost me less than half, and my spendings increased badly lately.

Stay up to date with the latest news and deals! LANParty P45 series has become the first choice of the over-clock player. The availability information is present on the product pages in form of the following inventory statuses:.

Hey C-N thanks for your reply pal.

DFI LANPARTY UT P45-T2RS ATX Intel Motherboard

Originally Posted by C-N. Originally Posted by namegt. Ouch thats instant fail, you have a long way to go. Think of something relating to computers and we hope to be covering such topics. So, as the other DFI P45 motherboards are breaking records, how p445-t2rs their top of the range product perform?

Originally Posted by mrcape. The main disadvantage with this kind of cooling is that if you want to add any kind of after market cooling to the North Bridge, you will have to remove the entire heatpipe assembly and then buy extra cooling for the PWM and South Bridge.