Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I appreciate the other suggestions – but one step at a time. Sign up using Email and Password. WebStorm displays a message informing you that it is ready for executing tests. When you run the test you can see that one of the tests failed with the message that the value “name” was encountered instead of the expected value “age”. To run tests with Karma you first need to download Karma to you local file system.

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Most core work have been already done. Split your test case into multiple steps. This assertion tells the JsTestDriver how many asserts to testinf within etsting test. It might invalidate the current votes on this one, but I think it’d make the most sense. For running the tests against a headless browser try www. I know only what they wrote on thir page or google group. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. That should do it. JEST A new but yet very powerful testing framework.


Both have been made by the Angular team.

Unit Testing JavaScript Applications. All tests are located in src-test directory and the file TestsUtils.

I guess that there are use cases for both, both are “standard” in JavaScript: Select Karma in jstesrdriver Testing Provider drop-down list. The JsTestDriver console should now show green and at least one of the browser icons should be lit up. They recommend Karma, browserstack-runner, or Intern.

It is probably possible to write such plugin or otherwise integrate those two technologies, but as far as I know you would be first to do that.


This framework is generic and can be run against any JavaScript or JS library. I’ve looked into and considered many JavaScript unit tests and testing tools, but have been unable to find a suitable option to remain fully TDD compliant. Future nstestdriver will automatically create new launch configuration, pre-fill fields and open it to edit.

The only idea I had so far: First step only verifies divs color. Jstestdirver will give you a bunch of other goodies as well.

JavaScript unit test tools for TDD – Stack Overflow

Docs for Earlier Testng. Or I have to necessarily extract it into external js files? Complexities in testing JavaScript applications. You do not have to restart the server in between test runs, it may run permanently.


The rest of this chapter assumes that you used the port number In the editor in the IDE you can see that the breakpoint was hit and that the Program Counter is currently in line 16 of controllers. Generally, it is better to avoid global variables. Alternatively, you can run the Karma init command on the command line.

Use wildcards in file name patterns. JSTestDriver dialog box opens. Again, we listed only most important Chrome developer tools features. There is not much of it, and what was written provides only minimum information.

For more information about running unit tests using JS Test Driver, refer to the following documentation:.