Kepler GeForce Enough of the pictures for now, and on with the technical bits. The video card is supplied with a daughter board with TV-out, but it lacks for a connector for digital monitors DVI. Tesla GeForce 8 9 Retrieved April 22, All this required additional expenses that’s why these cards cost higher than the competitors besides, Hercules always paid close attention to quality, and their cards were always at the level of well-known brands. But why – set?

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Hercules NVIDIA Geforce2 MX 32mb SDRAM VGA AGP 4x Video Card 3d Prophet II MX

The time demo then runs as fast as the CPU and graphics card will allow. Of course, Retail-package exists as well, but we do not know what’s included there.

But the trouble came later. Of course, the price plays a great role, but price parameters are put into the information at the stage of forming the opinion.

Note that always while overclocking a video card you’d better to insert an additional cooler at least a fan blowing on the memory modules. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The GeForce 2 architecture is quite memory bandwidth constrained.

Exactly this kind of information makes a certain device either popular or not. The most significant change for 3D acceleration is the addition of a second texture mapping unit to each of the four pixel pipelines.


The design of the board differs from bercules in a heatsink installed by Hercules on all memory chips.

Computer-related introductions herculea GeForce Series Video cards. Once again I should remind you: Retrieved April 22, Note that while overclocking we used an additional fan mounted in the case of the test machine.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Wikimedia Commons has media related to GeForce 2 series. I also installed the Hercules 3D Tweaker from the Hercules Install CD, this basically brings all the Nvidia coolbits settings into one little applet, the one thing I didn’t like was that it was a memory resident program that sits in your taskbar, this means it is a tiny bit faster to access, but for benchmarking I don’t want any unnecessary programs running in the back ground, so I stuck with the old hrcules “Nvidia CoolBits” reg file available gercules.

Retrieved July 2, Interestingly is that in bit color GPU frequency influences stronger than in bit color since the bottleneck in the form of the memory bandwidth slows down the card operation, and first of all in TrueColor.

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The GeForce 2 also formally introduces the NSR Nvidia Shading Rasterizera primitive type of programmable pixel pipeline that is somewhat similar to later pixel shaders.

Review: Hercules Prophet 2 Ultra – Graphics –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What was the best tech product of ? A simple way to gforcr2 it is to fix GPU’s clock speed and increase memory frequency. Since the previous GeForce line shipped without a budget variant, the RIVA TNT2 series was left to fill the “low-end” role—albeit with a comparably obsolete feature set.


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Video 3Digests Video cards: The Ultra features a bigger round heatsink to get rid of the extra heat that a Mhz core produces, On the overclocking side Hforce2 found that the older Nvidia reference drivers, didn’t allow as much overclocking at all, with driver set’s older than 6. Retrieved from ” https: Installation and drivers The test system configuration: Among all deeds ascribing to him by the mythology 12 main labors there herculew entering the Underworld, where he brought out from a three-head hound Cerberus, the guardian of the entrance to Hades”.

GeForce 8 9 Another hardware enhancement is an upgraded video processing pipeline, called HDVP high definition video processor. Overclocking yields marked increase in speed. But the time was going, a pioneer in the video-subsystem field became a usual manufacturer of video cards based on the third companies’ chips.

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