There are two ways of counting the total number of printed pages, and how to check differs individually. If the problem still persists, contact our Customer Support Center or your dealers. Communication was great and the order shipped and delivered promptly. Moving The Printer 7. If you select [Enter Document Name], enter the name equivalent to 12 bytes 12 characters in the [Document Name] text box. Printed side Insert the end of the paper to the paper holder with the edge curled as shown in the diagram. Find the adjusting patch in gradation adjustment chart that is close to density of the color sample.

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By docuorint, the printer is switched to the sleep mode if it does not receive print data for 15 minutes. Page You can use the control panel to set whether to automatically print the [Job History Report] every time the number of print jobs exceeds You can place c24428 order by adding Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C Toner Cartridges to your shopping cart and proceed to our secure checkout to complete the payment. When [LPD Spool] is set to [Memory] All print data spooled to the printer memory, including data in the process of printing, will be deleted.


The messages displayed focuprint the LCD differs depending on optional accessories installed and the settings on this printer. Store consumables in a cool, dry, and clean environment, away from an open flame, and out of direct exposure to sunlight.

Here, we use Wordpad of Windows XP as an example. Depending on the network environment used, you may need to set subnet mask and gateway address. This printer stops and makes a beep sound.

Other comments if any: If the status has still not improved, set [Print Mode] to [Standard] and try to print. Print out the [System Settings List] to check.

Very happy with my purchase. Obtaining Product Information The following information is provided on our internet home page: Troubleshooting Type of Problem Find the adjusting patch in gradation adjustment chart that is close to density of the color sample. The data taken with a digital camera is printed on the single side of A4-size paper. Transparencies with white borders or full color transparencies cannot be used.

DocuPrint C2428 How To, FAQ & Answers

Printer Environments This section describes the different printer environments that can be set up for this printer. C new cyan toner cartridge. This printer is in an off-line state or in a menu setting mode. When the power to the printer is switched off, print data remaining in the printer and information spooled in the memory will be erased. Page 76 – Printing Confidential Documents – Secure This item is displayed when the PostScript Software Kit optional is installed.


Index Index cover C Drum cartridge is not installed. Defective Prints On Special Media 6.


Will definitely use again. Prerequisite Knowledge This guide assumes that the operator has a basic knowledge of the operating environment docuprinnt the computer in use, networking environments, and how to operate a personal computer.

To print without using the printer driver, like printing from a medium, set [Paper Type] on the control panel.

Page 9 Chapter 3 Printing Printing from the Computer To load paper of non-standard sizes into Trays 1 to 4 for printing, you also need to change the settings on the control panel. Remove the rocuprint from the protective sheet on the drum cartridge.

Setting operation is enabled in the Mode Menu.

Some parts need to be replaced. In the [Change Setting For] group, specify the short edge and long edge. Do not use the following paper.