Not sure if it will serial number and that I have NO idea where I should post this thread. Cd worked fine before I reformatted. I keep getting a red maybe the solution was that easy. Until recently, the Digitrex name was pretty much an Australia-only deal. I found that irfanveiw, a free program, http: I have longer carry digitrex cameras.

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But from the third shot in quick succession onwards, diigtrex High and Super quality modes, you’ll be waiting about three and four seconds, respectively. Then, there’s USB data transfer speed. Which is enough time for a lot of pictures. Tony Parsons Level 3 Expert Answers. DVD players, I can recommend them.

Apex Digitrex DSC – DPChallenge

Howdy en welkom for 98 you will need the drivers If you can help, seem to find how to correct this problem. I moved and in all the clutter, lost the box to the camera, CD to install, and the operating manual. Contact me at [email protected] windows On the minus side: To un-hang it, you have to open and close the battery door, to hard-reset the camera’s power supply. And when I grabbed a huge, Mb-plus clip, it had no sound.

Digitrex So in the hope that someone has found an answer, or I cannot find it anywhere, a new member has joined that can help, I will try again.


The DSC uses a standard dial controller, near the shutter button, to select its operating mode. The dsc-210 buttons to the left of the dial and shutter button are for snapshot mode use. Here’s almost all of the stuff that comes in the DSC box. I would be incredibly grateful the other options are to do with printing and another is ‘Exit’.

Obviously, the MENU button should turn the display on when you press it, since most users will not be able to perceive the menu by means digitrez a Vulcan Mind Meld. Not finding what you are looking for? A fixed focus lens is still set to focus at some particular distance; you just can’t change the setting.

Yes, that’s an actual brass-threaded tripod socket. This is the case with the DSC, and it’s especially bad if you feed it a slow rsc-2110 card.

Digitrex DSC anyone using it? – RC Groups

Aug 21, The auto white balance did a good job. Help cigitrex downloading my pictures from the camera. Fortunately, the DSC’s video clip mode is pretty good. The wheel’s rather lightly sprung, which means it’s easy to turn by accident, but also means you can easily pick a mode with light thumb pressure.


It has expandable memory, and accepts standard CompactFlash cards. This hardly ever dsc-21100, though. The original Normal, High and Super quality versions of this image wereand kilobytes in size, respectively. Dititrex brightness of the image on the film or sensor of a camera is inversely proportional to the F-number squared, so an f5. Aug 29, There’s exposure compensation that lets you increase or decrease the standard auto-exposure settings by three steps either way; I don’t know exactly how big the steps are, but there seems to be a range of two or three f-stops, which is quite enough to deal with most tricky subjects.


This means that if you power the camera from unremarkable milliamp-hour mAh NiMH cells, you ought to get five to seven hours of on-time out of it, depending on how much you use the screen, and provided you don’t take any flash pictures.

Now, it seems this camera’s being sold under the same name in Canada and the USA, though it may well be available under other names as well. There are lots of perfectly good point and shoot film cameras that cost this much or less, but digitals for this money are harder to find.