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Crescendo C1150 card

There were merge conflicts reported in [3] tables. In the Minl Handling tab change the purpose to Signature and smart card logon, change the key size to and also ensure that only the Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider is enabled. Error getting disk free space. ScrollableText was found, but an error occurred while attempting to print the stream.

Data access failed, out of memory. Error saving database tables. This program cannot be run in DOS mode. MsiDriverPackages table is not present! As you may already know, an HID Crescendo smart card stores digital certificates that can be used as credentials to log on to Windows, connect remotely to the network or even sign Office documents, emails or other files. Error creating temp file on path: Cannot open database file.


Javasoljuk, hogy ne tvoltsa el az illesztQprogramot, hacsak az nem okoz problmkat mimi szmtgp mqkdsben. The following video shows the process. Unable to get the devices for which the device filter driver is applicable. We will attempt to continue uninstalling other components of this application. Configuring Certificate Services In order to use Crescendo C cards in Windows you need to install and configure the Certificate Services role for your domain following these steps: Could not add driver store reference to the service.

After the certificate request has been made, the CA will sign the request and return a certificate. Setting up the public key infrastructure required to put certificates in the card was a complex project in itself.

Crescendo C card – in stock at Smartcard Focus

This smart card enrollment web page can be found at http: In the Issuance Requirements tab check the This number of authorized signatures checkbox and write 1 in the texbox. When the card cresvendo ready, you can close the page and repeat the process for the second operator.


Filename Crescendo C Mini Driver x64 2. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

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If you want to test the deployment, you will need at least a domain controller for your test domain. Please contact us for volume and reseller pricing. The QuickStart guide has details on the permissions required for this user. Cannot add existing table. Duplicate table name [2].