For this reason, we now routinely print sample images from the cameras we test on our Canon i studio printer, and on the Nikon iP here in the office. A second point is that this is a post-capture option, one that makes a copy of the image with the D-Lighting effect applied, so your original image is undisturbed. Disconnect the camera from the computer. Typical street lighting produces a light level of about 1 foot-candle, the brightest level shown in the table above. Better than average with all three settings.

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World’s First Built-In Wi-Fi -Enabled Digital Cameras

At least once though, we had to reboot the computer before we could connect. For those readers interested in a set of less “standardized” photos from the Nikon Coolpix P1, coolpjx assembled a ” gallery ” of more pictorial images shot with the Nikon P1. The Nikon Coolpic uses a Segment Matrix metering system to determine exposure, evaluating the contrast and brightness across the frame to determine the best exposure.

If PictureProject is installed, it will start automatically; click Cancel to exit.

This upgrade can be used with firmware version 1. For those who like to process their images in Photoshop tm or other imaging applications, this means that the P1’s images take unsharp masking unusually well.

Remove the memory card from the card reader. The Nikon Coolpix P1 zooms over the equivalent of a mm range, fairly typical for its class, but offering l1 bit more on the telephoto end.

World’s First Built-In Wi-Fi -Enabled Digital Cameras

While it does have an exposure option that’s supposed to reduce the contrast, we found that it really just cut the exposure, leaving the contrast level more cooppix less unaffected. All of these settings are confirmed by pressing the central button once a selection has been made. Memory card corruption can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune.


We then discovered that our Apple Airport routers supported variable-length keys, which apparently aren’t the standard for WEP networks. Image noise was apparent but not objectionable at ISOwith only slightly mottled detail in the dark areas. A firmware update dialog will be displayed. I strongly recommend buying at least a MB card, preferably a MB one, to give yourself extra space for extended outings. The Coolpix P1’s macro setting performs well, capturing a very small minimum area of 1.

Coverage and Range The P1’s small flash has a limited range, produces a slight blue cast in combination with typical incandescent room lighting. Quite a bit better than average, in this regard. The proof is in the pictures, so let your own eyes decide which you like best!

gPhoto – Projects :: libgphoto2 :: supported cameras

Hue is “what color” the color is. The shot above is designed to mimic the very harsh, contrasty effect of direct noonday sunlight, a very tough challenge for most digital cameras. The optional AC adapter uses a “dummy battery” that slides into the battery compartment. The Coolpix P1’s images are quite cooolpix, without little or no evidence of over-sharpening or over-enhancement of contrasting edges on the camera’s part.

Somehow, the connection between camera and computer was disrupted if the PowerBook was also plugged into our office Ethernet LAN. Pressing the zoom control in the telephoto direction zooms in as much as 10x on the subject, doolpix for checking image details and focus.


Better than average exposure accuracy. Let your eyes be the ultimate judge! A Center focus mode can be used with AF lock half-pressing the shutter release to focus on off-center subjects. The effects can often be seen in shots of human hair, where the individual strands are lost and an almost “watercolor” look appears. Chromatic aberration Noticeable at 11m midrange. The camera’s 3x, 7.

If you zoom in and follow them from the wider portions, you’ll see the lines converge and reappear several times or become obscured by colored artifacts, so the lines you see at 1, and higher are really only artifacts generated by the camera’s imaging system.

pptp ISO light sensitivity is rated at 50 during normal shooting 64 for the P2but the Coolpix P1 can cooolpix it as high as when conditions require it, or the user can manually select the ISO from the four available options.

Pretty good low-light performance, capable of capturing bright images under average city street lighting and slightly darker conditions. Corner Sharpness Some softening in the lower corners of the frame, but fairly sharp throughout. The Memory card releases with a downward press.