It gives you fully TV standards compliant interlaced signal. The support is better, the cards are better, the power consumption is better, the price is better. This worked for me. Even if it is necessary to disable the Big Desktop mode temporarily. Is this for a desktop machine or a laptop? Hope that info helps you in the mean time, And good luck: Content is available under CC by-sa.

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Configuring TV out – LQWiki

Which I think is pretty neat. And of course it runs linux! Try “December 1, ” to start, and work liinux. These statements in module. I think I could manage to change almost everything according to the guide and other ported files but there where 2 points where I ran 1. A also tried “adapter” instead of “client” but with the similar result. The board also has USB, so if everything else would fail, then I would only have to oinux that in.

Otherwise you’ll end up with blank screen on boot. Post by Berni Post by Berni 6. The ‘below’ statement makes it all happen. The i2c drivers included with some current distributions won’t do it, because their i2c drivers are lacking some necessary functions. Then use “VideoRam ” instead. Hope that info helps you in the mean time, And good luck: It’s a standard RS serial interface, and by869 shouldn’t be too difficult to get it up and running.


Configuring TV out

Post by Philip Edelbrock Let me kick this over to the main mailing list to see if you can get a a better answer vt869 you would from just me. Check out this link: Philip Edelbrock Audio connected from the speaker out to the audio in on the beagleboard.

I was in need of something to run the radio at my remote radio site, and decided to try and make the Beagleboard work with the PCR I’ve never heard of a monitor breaking from this, but linus seems to be fashionable to warn about it.

The sync you’ll have to adjust with your monitor settings. And all computer controllable! Workarounds are at the compiz fusion forums for use with the new 8.

This particular post, unlike sooooo many others, pretty much sums up the situation, and I’m glad I found it. Hey Dr you need to just get the best Nvidia card for what you want to spend. The card is fantastic under Windows XP Pro when I got the right drivers the first 2 drivers that I tried were rejected by XP as “not better” than what XP provided My experience that the hottest hardware often requires the most work to get setup and running to its full potential.


This will show you how to replace the ground wire connector with a nicer 3. I would think I could find a great deal on a hi-end PCI card for low bucks these days.

It is used but as it seems it’s only for driver-internal things and not really for the end-user But you are on your own if you screw up. I don’t actually know what the difference between kernel modules in 2. The site at which the radio is stationed and my current residence is not the same place, and I still wanted to use the PCR but was unable to set it up at my home.

Views Read View source View history. Don’t get a Geforce gt series card. I will start a new thread to seek advice for my problem, but if I don’t get a resolution within a few days, the 3dfx voodoo3 will be replaced with an older Matrox card. In common with many cards the TV-out is activated automatically when the PC boots, but loses sync when you change mode eg by starting X. My situation and my fix: