Application Page Number You can select the print position and notation format to print page numbers and chapter numbers. Description of problem Check points Remedy The machine does not start up Is power being supplied from the Correctly insert the power supply when the [main power switch] is Job List Left panel display 5. To change the copy settings, press the relevant button. The following describes the procedure for returning from Low Power or Sleep mode.

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Authentication unit IC card type AU If Print Quality Is Deteriorated, Cleaning The Electrostatic Charger Wire If print quality is deteriorated If print quality is deteriorated Cleaning the electrostatic charger wire If the electrostatic charger wire is dirty, streaks will appear though the printed images.

This item is displayed if the saddle stitcher is installed in the finisher. Register Authentication Information Register Authentication Information Register or c652/c652ds/c552/c552da/c452 the biometric authentication information or IC card authentication information about the registered users.

Reference Create a sample in advance, and then adjust them while checking the sample.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C C C PWB MC Board W/o Metal Bracket A0P0H | eBay

To cancel Inter- rupt mode, press the [Interrupt] key again. Application Settings Frame Erase Erases projection of the dark shadow around the book. Page Troubleshooting table Description of problem Check points Remedy The image is printed at an angle Is the original positioned correct- Correctly position the original against the document scales.


From the Help main menu screen, you can find the target Guidance screen based on the function or purpose.

Konica Minolta BIZHUB C652DS User Manual

Application Watermark You can print a watermark light text at the center of the paper. Program Jobs Application Program Jobs When the originals to be copied include different types of materials such as a 1-sided original for full size copying and a 2-sided original for enlarged copying among other things, you can use this setting for scanning various originals with different settings and then copy them all in a single copying job.

The copied text is reproduced so that it is darker, making it easier to read. Logging on to Administrator Settings requires the administrator password.

Page Page – Registering a user using Data Administra If print quality is deteriorated Cleaning the print head If the print head becomes dirty, print quality may be reduced. System Settings Settings Finisher Adjustment Adjust the staple, folding, and punch bizjub of the finisher.

Reverse Use this function to enable the original to be copied with the density and gradations of the image inversed. Main Body Name Keypad Brightness adjustment dial Adjusting the angle of the control panel You can adjust the angle of the control panel of this machine among three levels.

Stamp Application Stamp You can select the print position and notation format to print the stamp.

Save In User Box Application 5. When [None] is selected, the binding margin width is set to 0 inch. Adjust the center staple position while checking the created sample. Settings Language Selection Select the language for display in the touch panel.


By saying that the lemon is a more vivid yellow and the pear is a duller yellow, the difference between the c652/c652ds/c552/f552ds/c452 colors is stated in terms of “saturation”, as opposed to “brightness”.

Check the current status. If only user authentication settings are configured, up to 1, users can be registered.


System Settings Punch Regist Loop Size Adjustment Correct the orientation of the paper and adjust the punched hole position to be parallel with the left edge of the paper.

Saddle Stitcher Sd Adjust the punched hole position while checking the created sample. If the size of the original is not automatically detected, or the reading range must be specified, select the original size.

Network Settings Network Settings This setting is for the network operations.

Konica Minolta IU-612C, Imaging Unit Cyan, bizhub C452, C552, C652- Original

Settings Select Color Select a background color. Weekly Timer Setting System Settings 7. The [c] clear Key 4. Adjust how vivid red colors should c652/c652ds/v552/c552ds/c452 for full color copies.