I only have the basic and security tab. The following instructions are intended to provide some assistance with setting up your broadband service on your computer. Installing Your Wireless Modem Router Or pano ichange ang password nung basic admin account? If you currently use a modem, disconnect it now – More information. Sa akin nakakadlwang palit ng baudtec na modem lgi nagdodrop mas ok pa yung modem na my antenna, ska ang naencounter ko hndi madetect yung wifi lgi nlbs sa mga phone not in range.

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Different routers have different ways of performing a hard reset; my best bet is use a small clip or pin, make sure the router is turned on press and hold the reset button until all lights on the router blink then you can let go.

Ethernet Active indicator Table 1. Ang gusto ko po malaman sa ngayon is pano madidisable yung WiFi ng Baudtec para yung asus ang magiging WiFi manager, and pano sila pagkokonektahin ng walang ethernet cable pero makakakonek mga pamangkin ko sa asus and magkaka internet sila.

You can definitely see your skills within the work you write. Hi, to see the advanced tab, you need to login with the username adminpldt. I just monitor the devices connected from time to time, especially when Mmodem feel that the internet is slow.


BaudTec corporationn WLAN ADSL2+ Router

If you currently use a modem, disconnect. See your User More information. A modem issue pla. Before i went on vacation my internet was working no problems.

But again, like last time, the PLDT technician only replaced the modem router unit and modsm only and did not give me the box, nor any manual. I still remember when PLDT give its customers high quality equipment.

Was it left on the entire time you were away with no one else using it? Anyway, habol ka na.

Router Screenshots for the BaudTec RN243R4 – PLDT

Ethernet Cable RJ 6. Hope that helps to get your laptop connected to your router. Apparently, no technician has come to our place yet to check the connection. So far, okay naman ang PLDT magpalit ng modems basta may proof ka na may problema talaga yung modem. This product complies with the radio interference requirements of the European Community.

Mdoem wanted to use my spare Tenda modem router instead but the tech told me that they needed modfm PDLT-branded modem router to be kept on so that they can do diagnostics. That was all the information he could give so I thanked him and he assured me that a technician would be in contact within 3 days.


SG :: BaudTec RNR4 DSL Wireless Router

Everything was working fine after the replacement, Wifi signal of the new modem baudrec great. I tried to open the site where I can configure whatsoever. How do I permanently change the PW on my wifi router?

I bqudtec they should stick with the tech giants for their equipment like what Globe did, still have Huawei as their partner. Wireless G USB 2.

Recycle Notice Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality material and components which can be recycled and reused. Got sick of doing this though as the internet radio would eventually stop.

BaudTec TW263R4

One day response time! What s in the package 2. It is also known as the BaudTec Repeat Steps 3 look at the bottom of the page and 4 and Voila! Can you please help me about this thing?

About the Broadband Telephony Service 2. Good Day, patulong naman, panu ba magblock ng wifi users.