Essexraptor Wise Guy Joined: Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: To reduce spam, I manually approve all comments, so don’t panic if it looks like the page simply refreshed and your comment doesn’t show up immediately. Wed Jan 21, 7: Will it have the same desired effect on my new SSD drive if I change this option instead or is this for something different.

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Wed Jan 21, 9: Jun 9, 4.

Click hereto adjust the content of the private message. Jun 9, 3. Do you already have an account? Dec 3, at Everything seems to achi working fine. Zitat von neyro im Beitrag 13 So, now that I’ve done a clean install, can I change the sata port of the ssd without inpact on Windows installation?

Windows XP + AHCI + ASUS P5K-e |

After that I had some trouble booting from the Windows 7 because ‘no bootable device could shci detected’. You just have to pay the postage to return it.

I need some advise on how to proceed with the following problem: Is this a good thing to update the ich9 driver if the installation succeeds with the Its mainly for IL2 Cliffs of Dover and a few other games.

You’ll have to check the particular retailers website for their procedure.


Asus P5K-E doesn’t recognize IDE optical drives due to AHCI?

You going to be hot swapping drives? Fernando Show info Posts:. Any help, much appreciated. Besides, I didn’t have a floppy during XP install. Ahcii 3, at 1: I didn’t have a floppy drive, so I installed windows with the SATA in IDE mode when I set everything up knowing I can probably get away with changing the driver in windows afterwards, I’ve seen a few hacks on how to do this.

Windows XP + AHCI + ASUS P5K-e

You can try the ssus and if you want to return it you have 7 working days following the day of receipt to notify the retailer that you want to return it under the Distance Selling Regulations and you get a full refund including the delivery costs you paid. Back in the saddle.

Usually the boot time will be the shortest, when the system drive is connected to the first of the SATA ports, which belong to the chipset. I have already noticed differences in boot times especially just after pk desktop loads on my old HD it would take a while for programs to load, but this thing is instant.

Enabling AHCI on Asus P5K?

Do I need to modify register keys before reboot? See herehere and here.

Regards Dieter alias Fernando My current System: Fri Jan 23, The only strange thing is at the boot just after the JMicron display message and before the black screen with the windows logoI’ve a cursor on the p5 left corner of the screen the screen is black with this cursor This is my first post. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This is what I recommend to do: Try it and if it isn’t what you hoped for then you can return it.


I’ve tried differents tuto like this one with differents register modifications generally iostorV, msahci, pciide start value modified from 3 to 0 but when I change theses values, reboot and enable ahci only for JMicron or for JMicron controller and sata ports, the system is starting Normally, if I follow the tuto, step 10 and 11, the hard drive is connected to the JMicron and when windows comes up, it asks for drivers.

Here is Atto’s SSD benchmark results for it. Yes sorry that was for the Jmicron controller so i’m back to square one.