Load Optimized Defaults Figure Use a screwdriver to insert into the slot at the long end of the retaining clip. Boot Up NumLock Status: Answered on Jan 12, Click [Finish] to end the setup. Because of tremendous number of email messages we receive every day, we are forced to give greater weight to certain types of messages than to others. Achten Sie darauf, wie die Kerbe des Moduls in den Steckplatz passt.

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Abit KD7-G

Option 6 Set Disk Mode This item allows you to select transfer mode for hard disk s. Answered on Jan 12, See the screen shot below. First, please contact the support team for the branch office closest to you.

Answered on Feb 19, Generally, ACPI has six states: Different firmware has different timing characteristic, thus may somewhat decrease the RAID performance. Choose the mode from kd7-y pop-up menu. When set to Enabled, you can set the date and time at which the RTC real-time clock alarm awakens the system from Suspend mode.


Let us know if you have any suggestions. This is the warning message window: This abut will not be lost when you turn the computer off.

Abit KD7-G Bios

Normally, if the CPU clock setup is wrong, you will not be able to boot. You can refer to figure to check what options are available. All the default settings od7-g this chapter are taken from the Load Optimized Defaults settings, which are different from those taken from Load Fail-Safe Defaults.

This option can solve the display inversion to black after you have used the MPEG card. After saving the values the system is restarted again. The chipset has an embedded bit posted write buffer to support delay transactions cycles. Answered on May 25, At boot up, the Numeric Keypad is in cursor control mode.

Abit KD7-G Bios Driver – TechSpot

The default setting is 2T Command. Please contact the reseller from whom you bought the product. Four options are available: The default setting is Floppy.

This transition causes the processor to continue execution where it left off. To transition into the S1 state, the operating software does not have to flush the processor’s cache. For this reason, any compatibility problem that is reported to us, giving detailed system configuration information and error symptoms will receive the highest priority.


Click [VIA 4in1 Driver]. Answered on Jul 03, This program is also referred to as the boot program. To disable security, select Set Supervisor Password at main menu and then you will be asked to enter the password.

This problem may be due to the Sound Card Driver. What is the CMOS?

The HDD auto detection option in the sub-menu will automatically detect the parameters of your hard disk and the mode supported. Standard normal mode supports hard disks of up to MB or less. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.