I personally never owned a Voodoo card. What do you think Jacob? Bkatt Omnipotent Enthusiast Total Posts: Lascia il tuo commento e il tuo feedback. In 3Dfx’s case it was primarily their stubborn refusal to support bit colour, claiming there was no need or desire for it.

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A Look Back: 3dfx Graphics Cards

However, due to the high cost and inconvenience of using three separate graphics cards two Voodoo srft SLI plus the general purpose 2D graphics adapterthe Voodoo2 SLI scheme, though revolutionary at the time, had minimal effect on the total market share that the Voodoo2 held and was not a financial success.

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Mirror Site 2 – file hosted by atizone. A board with a single Rampage chip was called Specter At some point the market leader always starts to get a bit too complacent and the competition springs a surprise on them. Although my best friend at the time had gotten a Voodoo 3.

– 3dfx hardware & software – SFFT Driver Alpha 33 – 3dfx Voodoo3/4/5 – Windows /XP

Bkatt Omnipotent Enthusiast Total Posts: For the price of a second Voodoo2 board, users could easily improve 3D throughout. Jul 25, Posts: Mirror Site 4 – hosted by hwsetup.


This driver is posted for public download. Each chip sported four pixel pipelines with one TMU assigned to each pipe.

ATI’s CrossFire is MAXX improved, only it used Tile Based Rendering which is imo the best way to avoid page tearing and ugly seams which gave ugly image quality, the Geforce 6 and 7 series camped with this issue a lot, the GeForce 8 series fixed this. I founds a P4 1. Jul 14, Posts: As for functional 3dfx cards? I wish 3dfx was still around imagine what kind of video cards they would have now As others have said 3Dfx buying STB and making thier own cards was really the begining of the end.

Are these cards really that good that people still use them?

| 3dfx Voodoo Gaming with SFFT Software Suite

Got that from here: Click here for a screen shot of the DB display properties. Nov 30, at More info of this beauty over here: SFFT Software Suite is an all-in-one solution for the installation, the configuration, and the tweaking of 3dfx Voodoo cards.


This package contains an installer named Setup. Mirror Site 2 – hosted by atizone.

What killed the 3dfx giant

V2 was one of the single hugest upgrades I ever had, it was jaw-dropping. I still have it and the box and to my knowledge it still works. Do you remember this? Tomb Raider – Dagger of Xian dem After that I moved onto the Voodoo Intel Core i7 k 4. Here a nice group shot of the three different Voodoo5 Class cards made, the top the middle and the bottom.

This is done using Rampage’s texture computer and its unique “loopback” function. Their downfall from what I have read was living the high life to much. NVidia proved them wrong. Tomb Raider – Dagger of Xian dem